Yellow Hook is the culmination of the dreams and passions of two hardworking American public school teachers, Robert and Courtney Rossicone, who envision not only cultivating the world's finest minds right here in the US, but also cultivating the world's finest menswear and work wear. 

Utilizing all of the skills of the American labor force, we aim to show the world that America is more than capable of standing toe to toe with the big boys of Europe and beyond when it comes to producing everything the modern man wants for his closet, and his life.  Too often enthusiasts are forced to look overseas to the Old World when they want the finest luxury items on the market. We intend to break that mentality by bringing the world back to America to find the best hand made neckwear, hand made single needle shirts, and tough as nails Brooklyn Made work shirts.

What started on our kitchen table, as a true cottage industry, has grown to become a full line of world class, lightly lined neckties made from some of the world’s most luxurious cashmeres, wools, linens and silks.  We also proudly introduce a complete line up of hand made, single needle spread collar and heirloom quality button down collared dress shirts that can stand side by side with some of the world’s finest at less than half of their price. Finally, we proudly offer our Made in Brooklyn lineup of single needle denim work and over shirts to honor our nation's industrial and blue collar past, and bring it into the future. This is our dream.  This is our passion.  #Thisismyyellowhook.