Gray Flannel Heritage Over Shirt

$ 99.00

Brand Yellow Hook

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As a young man in High School, I was always enamored with my father's (Made in the USA, not cause it was a "thing" but because that's just what there was) Red and Black Woolrich Flannel Work Shirt.  I was everything you needed in the Winter and Fall months to hang lights, shovel snow and take out the trash in.  It was perfect.  The heritage that was that shirt is what inspired this.  Only today, we make it better, out of luxurious English Wool Flannel that will be much more refined and equally as warm.

Fashionable and functional for the modern man doing work outside around the house, or catching a Turkey Day football game, this lovely Light Grey Flannel is the ultimate Fall over shirt.  Cut in the same pattern as our work shirts this piece is individually cut by hand and pieced together in our New Jersey workshop with only the most skilled hands and single needle machine work.  A smart phone sized pocket and genuine black horn buttons add a design element that dad's old shirt could never have dreamed of, even if it could have dreamt about being as soft and luxurious.

This shirt will take you back to your childhood as it has mine, and remind you that the best can still be dreamt, designed and executed right here in your backyard.  

                  YH1         YH2         YH3        YH4      YH5

Chest-        21"          22"          23"          24"       25"

Waist-        19"          20"           21"          22"       23"

Front-         24"          25"          25.5"        26"       26.5"

Back-         28"          28.25"     28.5"        29"       29.25"

Shoulders- 17.5"      18"           18.5"        19"       19.5"

Sleeves-     33"         34"           35"           36"       37"