Navy White Pinstripe Six Fold

$ 79.99

Brand Yellow Hook

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Another fantastic soporific Navy tie?  SURE!  This terrific Italian Wool and Silk is unlike any other we've seen before. It is such a lovely tie that can make any navy or grey suit sing.  It's mini houndstooth reverse side also shows there's some playfulness in this piece as it's not just all business.  Consider it the mullet of neckties.  Business up front, and a little bit of party in the back.  But unlike a mullet, you'll be the only one enjoying this party with this around your neck.

But act fast, as with all of our ties, this is made in extremely limited numbers and once it's gone, it's not likely you'll see another.  Measuring in at 58" long and approx 3.5" wide we know you'll Fall head over heels for it!