Last Call Raw Indigo Chambray Heirloom Buttondown

$ 60.00

Brand Yellow Hook

What is better than and completely handmade American shirt?


This gorgeous piece is cut and sewn by hand in our own tiny New Jersey workshop out of pure and raw crosshatch American Chambray with white stitching.  When you slip on a Yellow Hook shirt, know your slipping on a piece of America that is long gone.  While other barnds who share our workspace charge five times what we do, we feel it's more important to get these products in the hands of the true "passionistas", our customers, at a fair price.  Where others have huge ad budgets to fill, we feel it's our product that should do the talking, and this single needle button down shirt is everything you've come to know and love from our line of dress and casual shirts.

Made in extremely limited quantities, this beautifully articulated collar is what stands out most, and we feel it will will serve you long after your more expensive, mass produced machine made shirts have gone the way of the rubbish bin.

Our unique single needle construction means you're getting an extremely durable shirt that you can wash and wear this shirt for years to come. A single needle seam is stitched twice but with a flat felled seam. One row of stitching is hidden inside the fabric. From the topside you see only one row, but you see two rows of stitching from the underside. Single needle seams are more labor intensive, and less prone to puckering. A single-needle stitch gives a smooth finish and does not rub against your skin --- even after repeated laundering.  

Our shirts are cut to both flatter and be comfortable, and were designed with the earliest classic American Oxford cloth button downs in mind.  Our collars are completely unlined and cuffs lightly so, giving a classic twist to something uniquely American, feature a one and a quarter inch front placket, and a buttonless sleeve placket so you can easily roll your sleeves when needed, or shorten your sleeves with your local tailor.  

These true labors of love also feature a center box pleat with a locker loop for gym storage, are without darts for a very masculine look and feature our unique signature yellow gusset.  Best of all, these shirts are made entirely by hand in our tiny New Jersey workshop where our shirt maker has been at it for over 40 years and works his magic.  You won't find another shirt with this much attention to detail made here in the United States at the price, that we can guarantee.

Basic Sizing is as follows:

Size         Collar     Chest     Waist     Shoulders     Sleeves     

YH1         15"          21"        19"         17.5"            33"

YH2         15.5"       21.5"      20"         18"              35"

YH3         16"          23"         21"         18.5"           35.5"

YH4          16.5"      24"         22"         19"              36"